Swarm is more than just a magazine on the internet. It's is a survival guide to the modern world. The modern world is an exciting place but exciting things are often scary. We hope to help you understand and even appreciate these scary things by talking calmly in a soothing voice close to your ear.

Some of the things Swarm talks about are how to buy things, in shops for example. Other things include how to look at pictures and paintings of scary things.

Swarm is a magazine on the internet. It is based in Dublin but we like to hear about things in other parts of Ireland and even the world. Swarm contains articles about art, places that exist to go to, about getting by in the world, ways of talking to people, comics, mystical practices, sexual difficulties, inappropriate behaviour, goblins, wizards, clothes, nostalgia, mechanical marvels and many other fantastic whimsies and trifles. If you know about any of these things or simply feel a primeval urge to contribute to Swarm please get in touch with us and let us know what you know.

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Featured Artist - Holly Pereira
Featured Article - Econowizardry
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